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Baby Scan Embroidery

Baby Scan Embroidery : The perfect baby gift.

I found baby scan embroidery online. Rosie’s idea seemed unique to me I hadn’t seen it anywhere before. So very precious immediately wished I had one, and I am still hunting through my house fingers crossed that I will find my scans from 12 years ago.

I adore this product, I see it as a MODERN HEIRLOOM. A perfect art piece to include in your family wall display, hang in your nursery or cherish in your baby box.

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There are several undeniable cliches in my journey to start up a small business with ultrasound embroidery.

  1. The first is that I had a creative calling.

    I am no good at drawing and a terrible singer, but all other forms of craft and creativity I will launch into with blind optimism and joyfully have found I can usually bring into existence something I am pretty proud of. The first scan I stitched was a gift for my sister to celebrate the wonderful news of a niece on the way. After the buzz of a very DIY wedding (right down to the dress and the wine) I was itching for a new project and launched into capturing baby scans in embroidery hoops and found I adored it.

  2. The second cliche is that sewing has been a life boat in terms of my mental health.

    On a rocky day I can pick up my work and create something that in essence celebrates life. The act of producing something and seeing the stitches bring to life the magical moment of the first sight of a beautiful baby is healing and grounding.
    My hoops have been gifted to parents to share in the joy of pregnancy, but also been commissioned for parents who had to say goodbye to their baby too soon.
    I am very humbled by the responsibility of creating a keepsake for these families. Having known loss I am honoured to be able to contribute to the memories they have and hope that it brings some healing in their journey. Spending time on the detail of these scans I can’t help but get to know the babies and carry them with me a little scan embroidery

  3. Lastly I can’t deny that I also fall somewhat into the stereotype of a ‘mumtrepreneur’.

    I have a day job which I enjoy, but it doesn’t satisfy the artist in me. Having recently given birth to my third son I am on maternity leave and finding more satisfaction than stress from the juggle between sewing, networking, marketing, breastfeeding, cuddles, playtime and the unexpected pandemic homeschooling experience.
    Carving out a little time for embroidery is my Me Time.
    I get a thrill from seeing the next scan, working out the best approach. It is fascinating how unique each one is. I begin by chalking up the highlights onto the black cotton and graduate from white to the darker shades of grey, referring back to the scan photo scan

The Process

I chose 8cm hoops because they frame the original size of the scan photos the hospitals print out.
When I had my first son I put his best photo lovingly into a frame on a shelf in our lounge and before long it bleached almost to white.
A mum in the comments of a recent instagram post shared the sad story of photocopying the only copy of her scan photo destroying it.

These first moments meeting our babies are too precious to be closed away out of sight. Offering an alternative is such a pleasure. I have definitely found where my passion lies and revelling in all of the cliches that come with it.

Several parents have kindly given permission to share their scan photos as comparisons to the embroidery.
These can be seen on my instagram 
or in my Etsy shop 

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