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Rainbow baby photo session

rainbow baby

Rainbow Baby Photo session : Paige

24th May 2018

Gorgeous baby Paige’s rainbow baby photo session. Such a beautiful session flow, styled with flowers, rainbow wrap and Mummy!

rainbow baby

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

– Maya Angelou

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Rainbow styled baby photo session, for a Rainbow baby.

  1. Silhouettes Photos

    Silhouettes make lovely family photos, because they are in profile they usually look like a conversation.silhouette photo session

  2. Simply styled on White.

    Sometimes keeping its simple, focus the beauty. Paige looks like she is lounging on a cloud in her baby session. Styled up with a delicate headband.styled cloud baby

  3. Wrapped baby and mum on white background.

    I was so lucky when Kay let me wrap her and baby Paige up!wrapped mum and baby

  4. Flow poses

    Froggie to side flow flow posing

  5. Soft Grey Prop

    Snoozy sleeping baby styled as if tucked up in bed.sleepy baby pose

  6. Black and White Photos

    Classic parent shot without parents face. Dramatic close up details, baby in tulip pose. Posed in Mums hands.Tulip pose

  7. Rainbow Wrap

    Tushie up pose on cloud fluff. Rainbow baby photo session, styled up with rainbow crochet baby prop and rainbow wrap. All adding to the floating on a cloud feeling.rainbow baby

  8. Neutral Prop

    Plain with wrapped baby in wooden bowl from ‘Dutch Style’ or styled up with chocolate coloured fluff, flowers, or headband.rainbow baby photo session

  9. Wrapped baby on black background.

    I love these dark wrapped Mummy shots, soft snuggly and described with light. Kay looked so strong in these images.Dark wrapped mum portrait

  10. Gallery Wall Design

    All my sessions are viewed with complementary wall design with gallery viewing. Its a great way of helping you choose your images for home. I can also mockup your favourites once you have made your choice. This one I needed to balance the mixing colour black and white, with the the addition of rainbow baby wall design