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Pregnancy Projects Belly Casting

Pregnancy Projects Belly Casting

Pregnancy Project make a belly cast.​

Pregnancy Projects Belly Casting

Pregnancy Project make a belly cast at home. Why not make a belly bowl from an online casting kit, which you can display, decorate or use at a  baby photo shoot.

I have been feeling very sad that there will be current mums to be unable to have a professional pregnancy photo session. It just popped into my head this morning, this is something pregnant mums can do during this time while we all have to self isolate because of coronavirus. Home based creative projects while pregnant all about the bump!

Its a bit messy but lots of fun, if you have siblings at home you can get them involved in the making. 

When I made mine it involved wrapping me in cling film , but in hind sight it would have been a better cast if I had applied vaseline instead. It was 12 years ago, I am sure there are better instructions in the box now !
Once dried you can embellish them with paint, mosaic,  or découpage. 
If I did in now I would probably look for inspiration in my home for decoration. 
Or you could decoupage your baby first year on it Grayson Perry style. It will be the record of an important vessel after all 🙂

Lots of videos how to on you tube!

Where to get kits online:

find some ideas on my pinterest board

There are how to videos on the board and on tube.

If you keep it white, it can be used making your baby milestone photos uniquely your own.

 Making a clean contemporary look. See more newborn photography click here.

We visited Toni with our first son for his newborn, 6 month and year photo shoots and have been back again with our second son for his newborn shoot (we will be back in 6 months and a year also). The photographs that she produces are absolutely amazing and images that you and the whole family treasure. She makes you feel at ease and is happy to accept any challenge, including photographing both our sons in their belly casts, and what stunning photos they are. I would highly recommend her for your milestone photos.
Belly Cast
Lauren Jade
December 12, 2019

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