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six month Sitter Gallery

Milestone Sitting up Six months to a year old.
Six month baby photoshoot styles up to one year.
After the newborn shoot the next stage of baby photography to capture is at 6 months, as this is roughly the time they being sit on their own and are fully engaged in everything going on around them.  They respond to the camera with cute facial expressions, smiles, and giggling. Babies at 6 months of age are full of smiles, tongues and chewing!  This is the best time to capture the next milestone when they are sitting on their own and fully engaged in everything you are doing!  If your baby is not yet sitting on their own by this age, it’s best to wait another month or two until they are ready.

‘We have had several sessions with Toni over the last 3 years and we have been so very happy with the results each time. Each time she has taken photos for us, she has captured the most beautiful and spontaneous moments (Seb and Mayumi, cheeky Mayumi, Mayumi and Kimi together to name a few!). We can’t thank you enough for those captured moments! From a technical point of view, she knows exactly what she is doing and creates the most wonderful images that are memorable and treasured by ourselves, extended family and friends. More importantly, Toni is a professional who is easy to work with, always has creative ideas, but is also open to suggestions and is able to “go with the flow,” which is a must when working with babies and children. We really cannot recommend her enough!’

Six Month Sitter Session Enquiries

If you would like to book a session, there is a booking fee that covers the studio time and a complementary framed image. All other images are available printed or digital at extra cost.