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Chelmsford baby photo session

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Chelmsford baby photo session : Gorgeous Robyn

chelmsford baby photo shoot

We welcomed back Robyn from Chelmsford for her newborn baby photo session. Family cuddles with big brother Hugo who came to me for his first year milestones.
I have really enjoyed working through the family’s photo collection. To show 10 steps from Studio photo session, viewing session to printed products.

Robyn DOB 21st April 2019

Ten steps to a Classic Baby photo session. From session to design and product fulfilment.

  1. Family Informal

    Cute cuddles informally looking down. Love gorgeous Hugo interacting with baby Robyn.

  2. The Power of Black and White

    Conversations, snuggles with newborn baby photo session. Cherished moments captured becoming timeless memories.

  3. Newborn Eyelashes, Cupids bow, Baby details in cream.

    Delicate soft light, immediately makes me want to pick the pair of them up for a squidge!chelmsford baby

  4. My Favourites Black and White Newborn baby with Daddy details.

    Froggie in hands snuggle in arms. An absolute must for your baby photo sessionchelmsford baby photos

  5. Colour Pop

    Side pose with head band and bunny!baby photo sessions

  6. Floral Nest Prop.

    Robyn tried to escape her wrap!

  7. Colour and Pose

    Classic poses ‘chin on hands’ and ‘tushie up’

  8. For the Grandparents

    I always think of my mum when I take a more fromally posed image. Grandmas love this photo!chelmsford baby

  9. Gallery Wall Design

    I always include a couple of wall layouts at the viewing of a newborn baby photo session. It helps you visualise your own image at home. It also helps make decisions on balance of colour and black & white images.wall design

  10. Printed Products.

    Digital images are important, but display should aways be your motive for photography sessions. Wether it is boxed album, a canvas or a beautiful bespoke framed image. Robyn is the centre piece of my Colchester Hospital exhibition. Her Parents chose the most beautiful frames handmade in England.Frames and Canva