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Baby photography session with Aria Evie

Baby photo session with Aria Evie

newborn baby photography Froggie pose

We had a very chilled baby photography session with Toni. Being first time parents can be extremely stressful but Toni has a lot of patience to get the perfect photos. She made us feel right at home and her approach to taking photos is very much baby led allowing the time needed to relax you and your baby to get those natural pictures. We loved our photos so much choosing to take advantage of the digital downloads to share with friends and family. We very much look forward to taking our daughter to see Toni again soon.

Rebecca Bryant reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 
July 2, 2018  · 

My Baby Photography Session Essential Poses.

We managed to get some of the classic baby poses, even though Aria-evie was awake a lot of the shoot.

  1. Simple classic baby poses on the bean bag.

    Side pose, Chin on hands, Froggie and last but not least Tushie up.newborn baby photography

  2. Black and white details.

    All these baby poses were in Daddys hands. At this point we were awake but settled.newborn baby photography

  3. Parent Silhouettes

    I always start my sessions with Parent shots. In a cooler studio. Then ramp up the heat for solo baby poses. The silhouette is good as its in profile , so parents can feel less self conscious on camera. family baby photography

  4. Family on Dark

    A little more formal than the silhouettes. A favourite with the portrait

  5. Props: Chair and Bed

    After a wakeful start Aria Evie rose to the super baby poser realm. Whether awake or asleep she rocked in. Mummy really wanted the whole pink flowers and tutu posed on the bed.
    prop pose

  6. Prop: nested in a bowl with flowers

    All the pinks again, bowland flowers. Classic baby poses in a wrapped fluffy nest.prop pose

  7. Design and Product Guidance

    As Aria Evie had a Baby photography session full of classic baby poses. I managed to put together an extensive collection of gallery wall mock ups. wall gallery design