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Colchester baby Photo-session: Monét Amora

newborn baby photography

Colchester baby Photo-session: Monét Amora

These two make my heart MELT and Toni done a fab job with them both, Glen gets so nervous about having photos done, but look how at ease he looks, thank you Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer}

Bethanie Siân Warren

Time needed: 3 hours

My Newborn family photo-session of: the wonderfully cute Monét Amora. Poses start to finish.

  1. Parent Photos : Back lighting

    I start my sessions with silhouettes of the parents and baby. All together and solo. Its a lovely way to settle into a shoot. newborn baby photo silhouettes

  2. Parent Photos : White background

    Less formal family portraits, light clothing on a white background. Relaxed photo session

  3. Parent Photos on Dark background

    More formally posed Family image. On a dark formal photos

  4. Mum & Dad solo poses on dark backdrop.

    I take solo images of Mum and Dad on the dark background. They make good ‘bookends’ to a dark background baby photo in a wall display or page spread in an album.Parent & baby photography

  5. Dark Details, Parents hands.

    I love these images as they are about baby but include parents. ‘Landcape’, ‘feet’, ‘chin on wrist’ and ‘froggie’ poses.newborn baby photography

  6. Curled up. Sweet C baby pose.

    Nested images, fingers and toes. Hats and wraps.Super poser Monét snuggled up in cream curls, bonnet and head band.sweet c baby pose

  7. Photos in a Prop.

    Monét really made me laugh in this image as she looks like shes posing. Which she wasn’t, stretching as she awoke!baby photo prop

  8. Fur blanket on Posie

    Monét potato sack wrapped nested in posie bag. Styled up with a delicate grey headband. newborn baby photography

  9. ‘Tushie up’ pose on bean bag.

    Simple posing on the bean bag next. ‘Tushie up’ styled up head bands.tushie up baby pose

  10. Mummys Choice.

    Always good to include personal items from home. Monét styled up with wings from Mum. nest feather wings!