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4 Month baby photography session, beautiful Rosie

4 Month baby photography session, beautiful Rosie. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting baby Rosie and her family. She was 4 months by the time of the visit, rocked her session and completed a couple of bean bag ‘newborn’ style poses!

4 Month baby photography session, beautiful Rosie

Lets have a Look at a ‘4 Month baby photography session’, with beautiful Rosie.

  1. Roses for Rosie Prop pose

    Or is it? This image was actually photographed on a ‘Posie cushion’ then I purchased a prop background to edit her into. Its not what I normally do but it was perfect for this session. It even ends up on the cover of their Album. see bottom photography

  2. Coordinated family on White.

    This set up is a classic white on white photo session set up for family poses. The more effort you put into the matching clothing , the better the result. 4 month baby photography

  3. Dad and sibling!

    Sometimes you get a few extras to the baby photography session. While we waited for Rosie to have a top up, Dad and big brother had a bond on the white backdrop. I really love these!

  4. My Little Sister

    Lots of connection in older sibling photos. Such a proud big brother.

  5. 4 Month old Baby posed like a Newborn photography session

    Rosie rocking the classic side pose on the bean bag.

  6. Family Silhouette

    Love the family silhouette pose, as they are in profile you always get smiles and the suggestion of a photography

  7. Black & White Details

    We adjusted the newborn shoot for a 4 month old baby. So we still got to include the black and white detail photos. black & white baby photography

  8. Styled up on the grey.

    Wrapped and nested in my Posie bean bag. Rosie was awake but contented. For close up details and over head photographs.

  9. Portraits

    Close up snoozers and cheeky smiles are one of the bonuses of a 4th old baby photo session.

  10. Family on black

    Family groups on black, creates formality. Focusing the attention to hands and faces.

  11. Design of Gallery wall

    An important part of my gallery views are the wall mock ups. It gives a great example on how to display your photos. I want people to have their images up so family and friends can enjoy them. Its also really important for children to feel valued in the family structure, gallery walls of family images are great for this.

  12. Velvet Acrylic Boutique Boxed Album

    Well that was a mouthful! This was a beautiful album and a great upgrade. Acrylic covers are not only for weddings.