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Pregnancy Photos at Home

Tips for taking
Pregnancy Photos at Home

Just a few tips for Mummies to take pregnancy photos at home who unable to get to a professional photographer during this viral epidemic.

Along with my post about belly castings.

Bump photos with a kit camera or iPhone.  

Make it cosy, pretty and intimate, a bit like tell a story.

Favourite large cardigan or jumper, or oversized white shirt, clingy maxi dress, or if your brave you underwear undies!  Make sure you have a window close by and always light falling down the face or across never up. With all these ideas don’t forget to take 3 images at least and move around. close up details, hands on bump, From above, looking down at bump.

Use jewellery, booties on bump for a uniquely personal touch. 

Top Five ideas for pregnancy photos at home.

  1. Your Bed

    On bed sat cross legged, lounge like a cat, stretch and rolling around in a white sheet Marilyn style!

  2. In the nursery

    Chilling on floor with heirloom teddy, blanket or the beautiful objects you have bought while nesting…

  3. Lounging on sofa

    Think texture, throws cushions, hands on bump, above and below similar to bed, cat stretches , knees up, or sitting.

  4. Leaning against a wall

    Hands on bump, light behind or directly in front. Remember to get your partner to move around you.look at camera or awards a boob. yes I said boob, if you look down you’ll get a double chin!

  5. Backlit against a window (profile) to make a silhouette.

    Depending on how bright it is you will need to adjust the gap between you and the window. this will either make you a solid black shape or if you are close to the window light will spill around your body.
    Adjust you camera or iPhone settings as desired. If you are using a camera an aperture of 11 and above makes for a good amount of detail al though you would need a bright day.
    If you are using a smart phone press the screen to get brightness and slide it about til you like it.

Pregnancy gallery below were taken at home with natural light.

This is as close as I can get as an example, as we are in lock down because of the coronavirus. I took these photos on location in a home environment with natural light on a gloomy rainy November day in 2014 .

black and white pregnancy photos couple
pregnancy photos at home ideas
pregnancy photos at home ideas