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Top 5 Tips for family Photography styling : Maternity

Tips for family Photography styling : Maternity

Top 5 Tips for Family Photography Styling : Maternity.
Family maternity is a fun photo session if approached with a relaxed attitude. Its playful and about the excitment of the impending arrival.

  1. Classic White.

    White backdrop and white clothing. With all studio sessions you need to work with 2-4 year olds with play. As they a notorious for doing the complete opposite of what is needed. The will pick up on any tension, so they will need to believe they are the most important thing in the room not bump!Classic family white

  2. Outdoor- lifestyle

    Informal relaxed natural light. Outdoor sessions are good with toddlers. As they tend to forget whats happening and it becomes a visual conversation within the family with adventure!outdoor family styling

  3. Home -Lifestyle

    At home natural light informal, relaxed. good as the kids will feel comfortable and play. Creating beautiful intimate family portraits.pregnancy shoot with kids

  4. Formal Dark styled studio

    Low light dramatic emerging from a dark background. Again these photos have a difficulty level if you are not relaxed patient and playful. However if you can work through them they create the mort striking images. (don’t forget to bring raisins to pop in the bump)formal family photo

  5. Silhouette

    Back lit photograph of mum or family groups. Normally in profile.

I am so in love with the photos from my Maternity and Newborn shoot. Toni really captured the special moments that were important to me. 

She had her work cut out, successfully keeping my nine year old and my very busy one year old interested throughout.