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Baby Photo Session Ideas: Newborn Baby Boy

Baby Photo Session Ideas: Newborn baby Boy.

Simply styled timeless images. Top 10 Baby Photo shoot Ideas for Newborn Baby Boys.

Baby shoot styling ideas for a simple timeless looking photo session.

  1. All the Same Tone works really well in a Baby Photo Session.

    To get a cohesive baby shoot a clear colour tone helps with display on the walls or within an album. In this case cream knits. I love some hand knitted details on a baby. Especially bear ears!baby photo session ideas simple baby

  2. Simple White.

    White wrap on a white cloud background. Gender neutral, but also has a classic contemporary feel.It will look as good today as it will in ten years time. simple wrapped baby Photo Session Ideas

  3. Details

    Fingers toes lips and eyelashes. Making sure they are beautifully lit. Which of course lends itself to some gorgeous black and whites.Photo Session Ideas

  4. Prop from home.

    Bring something from home to make your images unique to you.
    Haydens mummy brought bunny from the nursery.

  5. Statement Colour

    This could be a colour from your home decor, or from your nursery.

  6. Connection : Family

    I love when emotion is capture during a newborn baby shoot. It helps if everyone is relaxed and excited about having their photo session. By booking a professional photographer, and talking to them before hand about what your hopes and aspirations, should help with the nervousness.

  7. Classic baby in Mummys Hands.

    Classic ‘Froggie pose’ with the twist of parents hands.

  8. Simple Side.

    Gorgeous simple pure baby , laying on side, for hand positions and expressions. Add Nanny knitted booties! Have a look at my gallery of baby sessions here.

  9. Texture

    Soft grey sheep skin rug. With the lucky windy smile! This is again based around creating a well then placing baby in bottom first.

  10. Family Gallery Wall

    I always include some hanging ideas, I want you to display your images. Family images are great esteem builders.
    See my Gallery wall blog post here.