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Colchester Baby Boy Louie

Colchester Baby Boy : Louie
23rd September 2018
8 lb 3 oz

I was so lucky to meet Colchester baby boy Louie two years ago. I adore the photo above with tasel hat. Louie had the most delicate features which photographed beautifully. He was born on 23rd September 2018. He was a gorgeous 8 pound 3 ounces and super posed through his newborn baby photo session like a professional.
A classic set of poses with his very beautiful brows!

Thanks to Lauren & Wayne for bring him to see me.

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Parent Photos

A Must have for the Grandparents.

Family connection

Baby boy cuddles looking down.

Relaxed Cuddles

Clean white background for a more relaxed set of parent photos with their baby boy Louie. Love the silhouette at the bottom for the connection.Colchester baby

Safe in Daddys hands and on Daddy Arm!

The many faces of baby Louie 🙂 plus tiger in the tree pose and a close up on daddys hand.

Super soft Grey Wrap

Tushie up pose with arranged wrap , and super baby rolls!Colchester baby

Teddy Bears!

Styling up a simple set of poses.newborn baby photography

Classic Timeless Black & White photos

Black and white images bring images back to the lightling. Baby in tushie up pose without the wrap looking super boy

Eye brows!

Louies rosebud lips and beautiful eyebrows, wow hes going to be a heart breaker!

Prop poses

All snuggled up in a felted nest.newborn baby boy

Formal Family

Family cuddles. Posed baby.colchester baby boy

Gallery Wall Design

As always Gallery wall plans to help you choose your display images, when you come back to my colchester baby studio to choose your images.