My Top Ten baby poses

newborn baby photography

My Top Ten baby poses

My Top Ten baby poses. During my usual flow I try to cover all 10 baby poses detailed below. I try to get a close up, portrait and wide angle of all. You add variety with backdrop, colour and head gear. It’s also beneficial to your client to include personal items to make there images unique to themselves.

  1. Classic parents with baby pose.

    There are a couple of options on this image you can mix in. Lifestyle, formal classic and backlit. I always try to get connection and emotion in these. Lots of chat to relax poses

  2. Sibling with baby pose

    With toddlers it’s important to keep it simple and quick. A cheerio or raisin strategically placed can help. Or favourite cartoon on a iPhone near the camera lens. Or do two images and photoshop. In bed or basket baby, then empty in the same place with toddler and raisin. Older children love to have a cuddle for photos.sibling with baby poses

  3. Parents hands pose

    One of the favourites of mine in the classic 10 baby poses, creating a hammock, tulip, or support from dad or mums hands to support the cute poses in parents hands

  4. Prop facing forward.

    Basket, bowl, tummy cast bed or chair. Mostly leaning forward with chin on crossed wrists.forward facing in prop baby poses

  5. Prop from above.

    Bowl,basket, bed. Layering fluff, matching tones. Baby potato wrapped or pretzel poses from above in props

  6. Side pose

    Simple pose vary with wraps, head gear and teddy. Always a good pose if baby has bad tummy.side pose

  7. Bottom or ‘Tushie’ up pose

    Brilliant pose, I also use it on dads shoulder, on bed, suitcase and in props facing forward.bottom up baby pose

  8. Back pose

    Taken from above and side backlit. Nighty night tucked in with optional teddy. Pretzeled up for ‘huckleberry Finn’ pose.newborn baby photography

  9. Chin on hands

    Transition from bottom up. Style up with head gear. Take head and shoulder portraits and a down the body shot.chin on hands pose

  10. Mum & Dad with baby pose.

    The last of my top ten baby poses. I love solo parent shots, prayer pose, tucked up under the chin, bottom up on daddy’s shoulder. Cuddle fest.Mum and dad  with baby poses