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Fiona MacGregor recommends.

Fiona MacGregor recommends Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer}. October 18th 2019 · Toni is both professional and friendly and made us feel at ease as soon as we met her. We had a newborn photo shoot and Toni was wonderful. She handled our baby boy with great care and respect and after a chat about what we liked she put together arrangements using a variety of great quality props and costumes. When we returned to review the images they were so precious I actually cried! So glad we did this. The entire experience has been really positive and we would highly recommend Toni. x

Rebecca Bryant reviewed

Rebecca Bryant reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 5 star July 2, 2018 will Avia · and again 2019 with the twins pop & izzy. We had a very chilled photography session with Toni. Being first time parents can be extremely stressful but Toni has a lot of patience to get the perfect photos. She made us feel right at home and her approach to taking photos is very much baby led allowing the time needed to relax you and your baby to get those natural pictures. We loved our photos so much choosing to take advantage of the digital downloads to share with friends and family. We very much look forward to taking our daughter to see Toni again soon.

Melissa, Montys Mummy.

‘We were lucky enough to have Toni capture a magical time in our family. Her photographs manage to convey such love and wonder, she is a real talent. A baby whisperer! We are really delighted with the results. They are memories we will treasure forever.’

Karen Winn reviewed

Karen Winn reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 5 star July 2, 2018 · back with Georgia 2019 Our photos of our 1 week old son are simply beautiful. The are timeless and classic yet very personal with his little teddy and outfits bought for us from our family. Toni made us feel so at ease, allowing time for me to breast feed and change the baby and we never felt rushed. It was all based around the comfort of our son. We love looking back through our album (which I would completely recommend purchasing) and am looking forward to booking another session later in the year for the photos of our little one which is on the way.

Angela Sayer

We thoroughly enjoyed our newborn photo session with Toni. She totally understands the stress of the first few weeks with a baby and was so supportive and patient with us all! It was so nice to spend time together as a family and we were able to truly celebrate our newborn for the first time (away from the madness of home!) Toni really took the time to try and understand what we wanted from the photographs and had an abundance of beautiful props and backgrounds to try out. The photographs are truly beautiful and are everything we wanted, although it was extremely hard to choose our favourites! Toni spent ages considering the frame that would go best in our house and getting the photos evenly placed within the frame which really paid off. The finished product is fantastic and looks truly awesome. We’ll definitely be back for more photos in the future! Thanks Toni

Jessica Purnell .

We first met Toni when we went for our maternity photos. She made us feel so welcome and at ease from the minute we arrived. We came back again with our little boy for his newborn shoot and the pictures are simply stunning. Not only is she friendly, patient and professional she is fantastic at what she does. Her attention to detail is second to none. We are booked to go back again for our little boys 6 month milestone photos and can't wait to see what she does this time round. My husband and I would highly recommend Toni to anyone considering maternity or newborn photos. Thank you for capturing these precious moments that we can always look back on. Jess, Edd and Maverick x

Ryan Naylor reviewed

Ryan Naylor reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 5 star July 8, 2018 · From the moment we arrived at Toni’s for our Sons Photograohy shoot, Toni made us feel very welcome ! The session was all about our Son and Toni was very understanding and accommodating and PAITENT!! Whether our little boy was happy , sad or sleeping Toni was able to work round it and create some amazing photos ! We were blown away with the photos Toni had captured and the photos we chose hang with great pride in our house ! A very comfortable and personable experience and I would highly reccomend Toni !!!

Ann Michelle Kullick recommends

Ann Michelle Kullick recommends Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer}. August 28, 2018 · We are very happy to have met and worked with Toni for Henrik's first photo shoot. It was a success. She is very professional and multi talented. Very patient with our Henrik's needs and took the time to get the best shots. I am very pleased with the results and I love that she thought of the grandparents and printed us extra free copies for them. The environment in the studio was very baby friendly and calm. I would totally recommend her services. Henrik's photos are gorgeous and we are so excited for his next one. Thank you so much Toni. It was a pleasure to have you photograph Henrik. Thank you for going way beyond our expectations and producing the best of your abilities. =)

Danielle, Maximilians Mummy.​

Thanks so much Toni, the pictures came out brilliant! Even though for the first time ever Maximilian didn’t wanna smile. Toni managed to get some wonderful pictures of him. We loved doing the cake smash and think Maximilian enjoyed it a lot more (you can tell from his chocolate covered face). Can’t wait to get the pictures hanging on our wall, thanks again Toni.

Rachel Baby Wynnie’s Mummy.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience and resulting images from both my maternity and newborn shoots! Being photographed professionally is not something many of us are accustomed to, but Toni immediately puts you at ease and it is apparent in your photographs. I couldn’t be prouder of my maternity pictures which I take every opportunity to share with friends and family. Then Wynnie arrived and we had our newborn shoot booked in ready and my tired husband felt like the last thing he wanted to do was have his photograph taken…but the moment we arrived, Toni explained her process to him, and showed us some of the images as they were taken and he was blown away! All of a sudden, the tiredness dissipated and he was completely on board and so enthusiastic, because the shoot was so enjoyable and he was shown just how worthwhile straight away. We were both so excited to receive our images and ordered as many as we could because they were all so beautiful. Those precious moments of pregnancy and our newborn’s arrival have been preserved forever, and I am so very grateful to Toni for her hard work. Not only during the sessions, but as a photographer myself, I appreciate the hours of work which go into editing. Her talent for photography and skill with lighting is something I very much admire, and her warm personality really completes the package. There is no doubt I shall return when Wynnie is older, or should we ever be so fortunate as to extend our family. Thank you Toni, you’re a star!

Sayuri Mummy to Mayumi and Kimi

We have had several sessions with Toni over the last 3 years and we have been so very happy with the results each time. Each time she has taken photos for us, she has captured the most beautiful and spontaneous moments (Seb and Mayumi, cheeky Mayumi, Mayumi and Kimi together to name a few!). We can’t thank you enough for those captured moments! From a technical point of view, she knows exactly what she is doing and creates the most wonderful images that are memorable and treasured by ourselves, extended family and friends. More importantly, Toni is a professional who is easy to work with, always has creative ideas, but is also open to suggestions and is able to “go with the flow,” which is a must when working with babies and children. We really cannot recommend her enough!

Lydia, baby Rubys Mummy.

Prior to booking the shoot with her I did a lot of research; I wanted someone I could trust and feel comfortable with and of course someone who was good at taking photos . There are so many photographers out there and all their websites look so amazing, which made it quite overwhelming to decide between them. I chose Toni because I absolutely loved her work and having spoken to other photographers about booking in a shoot she came across the most friendly and knowledgeable out of them all, I just knew she would be perfect for the job and was very excited about working with her. Before the shoot Toni spent time trying to understand exactly what I wanted, which to be honest I wasn’t quite sure myself but she managed to draw it out of me, so that on the day she knew exactly what compositions and styles I would like. My baby was very hungry at the shoot, so took her a bit of time to get settled and into various positions, however Toni was amazingly patient and remarkably talented and professional with working with her. How she managed to get her into various positions I will never know but think she may be a bit of a baby whisperer! I really enjoyed the day and felt as though we were working together, it was a really relaxed atmosphere. When it came to choosing the photos I couldn’t have been happier, she has captured some beautiful moments with my daughter that I will forever cherish, the only downside is that I loved all of the pictures! I couldn’t recommend Toni enough and will definitely be using her again in the future!

Sheridan Laurens Mummy.

Our newborn shoot must have been a real challenge for Toni, as I’ve never especially liked having my photograph taken and tend to seize up in front of the camera. I was so moved by the images Toni took of a friend’s newborn baby earlier this year, however, that I was determined not to miss the opportunity for her to photograph our little girl at this special time. The results are a testament both to Toni’s ability to make her clients feel at ease, even in the haze of those early days with a newborn baby, and her superlative artistic talents. Toni’s instinctive knack for calming babies combined with her warmth and sense of humour meant that the shoot was enjoyable from start to finish. She made light of my awkwardness in front of the camera and even persuaded my initially uncooperative three-year-old to pose for some pictures with his baby sister – creating images that I will treasure forever. It was a lot of fun watching Toni set up the shots of Lauren. Her fine art background and her wealth of experience as a newborn photographer shine through in the final images and our own amateur photos pale in comparison. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend tonifield photography to anybody looking for a high quality newborn photographer. Don’t worry if you’re camera-shy, Toni will ensure you have a portfolio of beautiful images to take home. I can’t wait to take Lauren back for her next shoot!

Nicky, Aniela's Mummy.

A morning newborn photography shoot at Toni Field’s photography studio has got to be one of the highlights of my early postnatal experience. Toni came highly recommended by a friend and looking at her website, the quality of her work speaks for itself. She is a skilled and talented artist and ideally suited to her special field – maternity and newborn photography. The images I have of my newborn daughter are exceptional in the way they capture both those universal newborn qualities and the unique features of my little girl. Toni’s talent is obviously due to her raw artistic ability but she’s also brilliant with babies. From the moment she first picked Aniela up, I had no concerns about her handling my little girl at all and felt totally relaxed during the whole session. So I expected great things and I wasn’t disappointed. However, what I hadn’t anticipated was that the shoot itself would be so enjoyable. Toni’s studio is based in her home so the environment is warm and comfortable and Toni is the perfect hostess, offering ample supplies of biscuits and cups of tea. Although she’s super organised, Toni is totally baby focused, working around the baby’s natural rhythm of sleeping and feeding. I came away one very happy customer. I can’t begin to imagine a better postnatal treat for either me or Aniela and it’s wonderful to have those precious early days captured so well on camera.

Louise, Caleb and Ethan’s Mummy

Toni creates a welcoming relaxed environment, which is especially important for the children so they feel comfortable. A range of unique poses, and open to our requests.She gives warmth to professional photos, a service you do not get else where. Toni ensures you are happy with every photo, and offers to make any alterations requested. Something commercial studios would not care to offer.We will come back time and time again as our babies grow and our future family milestones are to be captured. Thank you

Lianna Edwards reviewed

Lianna Edwards reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 5 star July 17, 2018 · and returned with baby Louis in 2019! Toni took photos of our newborn baby when she was a few weeks old. I was really nervous before the photo shoot. Toni made us feel really welcome as soon as she opened the door. She creates a very calming atmosphere so parents and baby feel very relaxed. She allowed us time to feed our daughter when needed. The backdrops and props she uses are great and very varied. She was very patient and accommodating. The pictures were amazing, I really struggled to choose from them all but ended up with some lovely photos and a canvas. I would really recommend Toni and would definitely use her again 😊

Rachel Smith reviewed

Rachel Smith reviewed Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer} — 5 star July 7, 2018 · We used Toni after my second son was born. He was 9 days old. We didn’t know what to expect as we hadn’t done anything like this before with our first, the opportunity arose so we took it thinking that it would be ‘nice’. It was so much better than ‘nice’, It was actually the best thing we done with him being so little. Toni made us feel so welcome and didn’t worry when Louie was a bit sad or his brother was talking a million miles an hour constantly! Toni accommodated in every way, weather we needed to feed baby or change him etc. It was a beautiful calm, professional, friendly experience that all 4 of us thoroughly enjoyed. The photos came back a lot quicker than we expected and we had our own private viewing of them, the full cinema experience.. with tea! We chose our photos to keep and went and collected them not long after the quality of the photos on screen and paper are brilliant. We can’t recommend Toni enough, so much so that we are hoping to visit again soon When no3 comes along!

Siobhan Thurlow Williams recommends

Siobhan Thurlow Williams recommends Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer}. December 7, 2018 · Absolutely fantastic. Toni was fantastic with my new born son... knowing all of ticks to sooth him. Highly recommend to any new parents. I am over the moon with my photos. thank you again

Beth Wilby recommends

Beth Wilby recommends Toni Field Photography {Maternity & Baby Photographer}. February 26 · We’d just like to thank you Toni for all your patience, intuitiveness & kindness during what was quite a difficult shoot with our month old daughter. You worked so incredibly hard to capture such beautiful photos for us which we have all shared a few laughs over as they do not reflect the day we had with her being so grumpy & your advice that day has certainly helped us to create an easier home life with our now much happier daughter having changed her milk like you suggested. We look forward to returning & are recommending you to everyone we know. 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️

Mark, Darcies Daddy.

Just prior to the birth of our daughter Darcie we were tagged in a Facebook advert for Toni requesting models under 10 days old. We thought we would go as it would be nice to have a picture of her but were not fussed as we just wanted to enjoy the time. When we reached Tonis she was so welcoming and lovely and handled Darcie so delicately which is lovely when we were so new to this. She put our minds at rest and was amazing, she has so much patience with the babies too. It was a pleasure to be there, the studio was cosy and warm just perfect for Darcie. The pictures were absolutely stunning so good we had an awful time whittling them down to 12 (yes 12,we only planned to have 1). Thanks again Toni, the pictures are amazing and everyone comments on how lovely they are!

Niki Baby Aiden’s (Bubbles) Mummy.

Being new to the area we searched the Internet for a photographer and fell in love with the pictures on Toni’s website and Facebook page. The whole experience was so important to us that I got in touch with many many questions. Toni was great at coming back with answers promptly and the conversations via email gave me a feel of how she would be on the day and I knew we would be comfortable and get on with her. She gave us lots of advise about what to bring to both our sessions and even fit us in on a Saturday! The maternity photoshoot was such a romantic memory for us. Toni made us feel so comfortable and we tried different poses and outfits, but some of the best photos where the natural shots she took of us just having fun and enjoying the day. The pictures have really captured how we felt, so happy and excited about our little addition to our family! Baby Aiden was born a perfect 8lb4oz and full term however due to an infection he was rushed to neonatal and we both had an 8day stay in hospital. This meant that we missed the ideal window to have the new born photos taken, however Toni fit us in as soon as we felt able to have the session. The day was relaxed and perfect! We took breaks when we needed to as Aiden needed a lot of feeds throughout the day but we never felt rushed. Toni was so great at positioning Aiden and giving us direction. One of my favorite photos is of Aiden holding the snuggly that we were given at the neonatal unit as a comforter for him when we were apart. It’s a photo with so much meaning to us and I’m so grateful Toni suggested we use it! The pictures were so amazing that we had to upgrade our package – it was too difficult to choose!

newborn baby photography

Beth, mummy to Ben and Chris.

We are so grateful to Toni for the many amazing images she has captured at all three of the shoots we have had with her – maternity, newborn son Ben, and as a family of four with newborn son Chris. We have always felt very at ease with Toni and welcomed into her home. Each time she has known exactly how to get beautiful pictures of all of us and has also been very open to our requests for specific shots. She makes even sleep deprived new mums look better then they ever thought they could! She was great with our three-year-old and came up with new ideas when he wasn’t very cooperative. She has documented our becoming a family and then expanding that family with patience, humour, and skill. Her pictures will always be amongst our most treasured possessions. We will definitely be back to see Toni again as the boys grow.

Penny Baby Olivia Graces mummy.

Had the most amazing experience having our baby girl Olivia Grace’s photo shoot. It was a very special day for us as a family. I have known the field family for a long time so we were all very excited to see Olivia in action Toni was absolutely fantastic with Olivia, and Olivia was very relaxed and content throughout the shoot Toni is seriously like the baby whisperer, if only I could take her home with me. I am over the moon with my photos such a special day and was all captured by the wonderful Toni field I will treasure them forever.

Brooke River & Reign's mummy.

Thank you so much for the recent photos of River. Once again for the 3rd time you have exceeded my expectations and reduce me to tears when i see the pictures of River. Everyone I have shown the pictures to has said the same thing and other peoples photos genuinely do not compare. You are a cut above the rest. These treasured memories will last a lifetime with your help of having something to look back on.

Shireen Raiya's mummy.

I had seen Toni’s amazing photographs at the hospital during my pregnancy and I knew that without a doubt I would want her to take some photos of my baby when she was born. From the first point of contact Toni Field Photography were nothing but professional and thorough. On the day of the photo shoot it was a really hot day and it would of been easy to get over heated and flustered but Toni remained absolutely calm and focussed. We were really made to feel at home and to give input into the session. Toni’s photography is just so beautiful, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with every single photo she takes. A true artist. The customer service from Claire was also outstanding. I would definitely recommend Toni Field Photography to everyone in particular her baby photography is stunning but her pregnancy photography is also stunning”

Amanda, Kip's mummy.

I was recommended Toni through a friend and having looked on her website I was excited to try and capture some memorable images of my pregnancy. I was not disappointed . Being full of baby in my third pregnancy and not feeling very photogenic I can honestly say It was such a lovely experience . Toni made me feel relaxed and beautiful and I am thrilled with the photos. I would tell anyone to just do it… such a special time to spend with the bump!!! I was so impressed with my pictures I rushed back to Toni as soon as I could to capture my newborn. I’m so pleased I did. She is such a professional and handled my precious cargo with such ease and care I think he loved the experience as much as I did !! I now have such beautiful images and memories of my little boys journey into the world I so wish I’d known about Toni sooner so I could of done the same with my older children. I cannot recommended Toni enough lovely experience, wonderful photos and memories to cherish forever xxx

Suzy, Millie's mummy.

Thank you Toni, they’re absolutely beautiful and you have done an amazing job! The whole photographic experience with our daughter completely exceeded our expectations. 
She felt so at ease during the actual photo shoot, and your understanding and patience as to her needs and attention span were very much appreciated. You have done an amazing job, and really captured Millie’s little personality. 
The after photo shoot service was brilliant too, however it made our job of choosing favourite prints so, so hard. We are totally thrilled with your work, and can’t thank you enough.

Cara, Emily and William’s Mummy

We were absolutely delighted with the results of our photo shoot with Toni. She was very professional and welcoming, and also very considerate that our baby Emily was only two weeks old and was happy to take feeding and changing breaks, which made everything a lot less stressful and relaxing. 
Toni was also very understanding that as a new mum I was not very confident with my figure and she adjusted her setting and lighting accordingly. 
I would recommend Toni to anybody and friends of mine have already visited Toni for a photo shoot and are equally impressed with the results.

Vanessa, Theo’s Mummy

Thank you so very much Toni for capturing our special family moments, starting with “bump” and the early arrival of Theo! Throughout the whole process you have been incredibly patient & understanding, particularly as I’m not fond of being in front of the camera! Your professionalism & understanding allowed me to relax & you have captured some truly magical moments. The photoshoots taken since Theo’s birth have been a wonderful experience, relaxed & full of laughter. The shots taken are beautiful & have far exceeded our expectations. Your creativity is endless & you have an eye for taking a great shot which captures the moment & personality of your subject. The resulting pictures are absolutely amazing & we are thrilled to have photographs that we will cherish forever. We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as you have so much understanding of your subjects & the warmth to put us completely at ease. I can’t recommend you highly enough & look forward to many more photo shoots over the years to capture our family’s precious moments Vanessa, Theo’s Mummy