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How to Display Family Photos

Gallery Wall

How to Display Family Photos

in the Home

how to display family photos

A Photographers Guide to Gallery Wall Displays

Mini Tips!

How to Display Family Photos in the Home

  1. How do you display family photos in a gallery wall?

    There are layouts templates for gallery walls available online, as well as high street shops that sell packages for frames with a template.
    ‘Ikea’, ‘The White Company’, ‘Not on the Hight Street’ ‘Amazon”

  2. Where is the best place to display family photos?

    Create displays on wall that you are going to see as a whole, or that a framed view points, for example as you look through a door.
    Feature walls, alcove area, staircase are all popular choices.

  3. Should picture frames all be the same color in a gallery wall?

    Style all the same frame style and colour. For a good contemporary minimalist look, have them lined up grid style. The White company have some beautiful packages, or you can make it yourself from Ikea frames.

  4. How do I create a cohesive gallery display?

    Through colour, using one colour frame. Many styles ‘not on the high street have a multi stair case layout. It mixes flat plain frames with ornate rocco frames all in the same colour.

    By theme, many colours but same styling, such as the industrial look could mix framed and unframed images through the materials they are made of.

  5. Can you put gallery wall display in the kitchen? 

    Yes you can however you should make sure they are sealed to prevent damage to the image. Either get your images professionally framed or printed as an acrylic, aluminium or sealed canvas. If you are framing yourself, spray mount the image to the back board, seal up the back with masking tape.

Toni spent ages considering the frame that would go best in our house and getting the photos evenly placed within the frame which really paid off. 

The finished product is fantastic and looks truly awesome. We’ll definitely be back for more photos in the future!

Thanks Toni 

My Gallery walls at home.

I love gallery walls, I have four in my own home. Mine are created with a mix of objects and images reflecting my life and my travels. Photographs, postcards, posters, keepsakes all tell the story of you.

I like an eclectic collection of images and frames that fit the style of my living room, remember to keep interior spacing (between photos) consistent to make the grouping feel cohesive, not chaotic.

However in the hall I have regimented grid. This creates  clean minimal look for a gallery wall, keep all the frames uniform in colour and size, which is perfect for my busy hall way.

Wall design for my clients.

When I create a gallery wall for a client , I am always thinking of the gallery wall and album possibilities. I want people to look at there images every day. I want them to enjoy sharing them with friends and family. So I always include a how to display family photos. Its a suggestion really, just in case they haven thought of the staircase as a hanging space, or above the bed head.

I made the most beautiful display for an Ensuite bathroom from a Milk bath Maternity session.

You can liven up a kitchen family room with an eclectic display of studio and childrens art work.