Twin baby photography Top 5 Tips.

Twin posing

Twin baby photography Top 5 Tips

Twin Baby Photography
Top 5 Tips

Twin baby photography, my 5 top tips.
Twin posing for newborn baby photography needs planning. I usually have a shoot list created for my client after having an online or phone consulation. This with incorporate any styling wishes, which props and blanket colours to be used.
Remember with Twin baby photography every baby pose the larger twin should be placed in position first.
Try to get some single images of each baby, per pose. Think about hands, if the babies can be tweaked to eithe cuddle, hand touch, or even look like they are in conversation. It gives the images more emotional connection.

Twin baby photography my Top 5 Tips

  1. Twin babys posed with Family members.

    Solo group and extras. Nanny , big brother or sister, Mum & Dad. Lots of options for posing babies. Remember to always place the larger twin first with twin baby photography.Family photos

  2. Connection

    With twin photography if you can get connection through hand placement, you can capture some fabulous portraits. Alway try to make them look like they are cuddling or whispering, or holding hands.twin baby photography

  3. Twins posed in Parents Hands

    I love the parent hand poses, they show scale and the fragility of a newborn, this is even more so with twins as you get the connection option too..
    Use the bean bag or pose/ feeding cushion with a dark cloth on to support.
    Ying Yang pose, tushie up resting against arm, with smaller baby snuggled up. Above with heads cradled and toes held. Side by side chin on wrists on a hand platform.newborn twin baby photography session

  4. Twins posed in Props.

    When posing the twins in a prop forward, place the larger twin in first, followed by the smaller twin overlapping. Style up with hats and headbands if that floats your boat. Or keep it simple with textured layers.
    Second prop pose is on top of a prop, such as a small suitcase.  Place the larger twin in tushie up use cushion ‘beans’ to help support the weight on the smaller second twin in chin on wrist pose.
    3rd Prop is nested in a bed/bowl/box with layers. Photo from above.  This is side by side like nighty night pose tucked in, or get both twins posed in tushie up large one first in your hands, the place sideways in nest/bed/bowl get assistance to hold baby til second is places. make sure hands twins hands touch. Photo from above.
    Easier to do the prop poses if baby are wrapped ‘potato sack style’.Twins posed

  5.  Twins posed on bean bag.

    Simply baby on a blanket colour for your choice. There are a couple for connected flow poses. side, tushie up and huckleberry fin (back)
    Try to include portraits from all angles. larger twin to be the base twin.twin newborn baby photography