Top 5 Yoga tips for Pregnancy classes by YogaBellies ‘Sarah’.

top 5 tips for pregnancy yoga

‘My Top 5 Yoga tips for Pregnancy’

Hello! I’m Sarah and I run YogaBellies Ipswich & Colchester.
We are proud to provide revolutionary inclusive, nurturing yoga classes for women throughout all stages of life – including Pregnancy classes and postnatal classes. 

Guest Blogger the lovely Sarah from Yogabellies

Top 5 Yoga tips for Pregnancy classes by YogaBellies ‘Sarah’.

YogaBellies Top 5 Yoga tips for Pregnancy.

  1.  Don’t overstretch!

    The relaxin hormone in your body during pregnancy can make you feel more flexible than usual. Start by going 50% as far as you think you can – yoga is incredible for you and your body, whether you can touch your toes or not! top 5 tips for yoga

  2. Be gentle with yourself!

    You are growing a human! Don’t skip Savasana (the relaxation portion at the end). Relax and enjoy this incredible time just for you and your baby.pregnancy classes

  3. Listen to your body

    there are lots of changes happening at the moment and your body has an innate way of letting you know how to look after it. If at any point anything feels too much (physically or mentally), relax in Child’s Pose for as long as you classes

  4. Breathe!

    This may sound simple but it’s very easy to concentrate on the poses and forget the importance of breathing. We teach specific breathing techniques that will not only help you during your practice, but will be there for you throughout your pregnancy, labour and beyond. Pregnancy Yogasarah yogabellies

  5. Most importantly

    make sure your teacher is qualified in prenatal yoga. A good quality yoga teacher will point you in this direction anyway, but it’s best to check. At YogaBellies we go through extensive training to ensure we understand not only yoga, but all things women, birth and beyond to make sure you are completely taken care of during this beautiful time in your life!pregnancy classes

A bit more about the Yogabellies ethos after ‘Sarahs’ top 5 Yoga tips for Pregnancy

What we offer during YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes is much more than just yoga – it’s also training in deep relaxation and preparation for birth and motherhood!
We use traditional yoga asanas (postures) which have been adapted to provide benefits for pregnancy and the common ailments associated with pregnancy.

YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes also include an especially created combination of self-hypnosis, aromatherapy and deep relaxation, alongside soothing comfort techniques for birthing and unique YogaBellies® touch therapies for mum and baby.

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