Newborn Baby Photography, Amelia.

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newborn baby photography

Newborn Baby Photography, Amelia.

A classic baby photo session. I was very excited to meet Baby Amelia for her newborn baby photography session. We got the most amazing set of images.
Her Auntie Shelly recommended me.

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Amelia’s Baby Photo session.

  1. Snuggles with teddy.

    Fluffy cuddles. Simply styled. This newborn baby photography pose is ‘nighty night pose’ concept is that baby is tucked up in bed.newborn baby photography

  2. Nested Curled up baby

    Felted curls and head band. This is baby photo session staple, nested in a well cushion or a deep bowl.Amelia's Newborn Baby Photography

  3. Froggie in hands.

    I love this version of froggie in daddys hands. Silhouette lighting is a great way to simplify a baby photo session.newborn baby photo session

  4. Classic parent portraits

    Baby windy smiles. So cute for a parent portrait. silhouette conversion. newborn baby photography

  5. Black & White detail

    Froggie to side. Amelia had such squishy cheeks! Fluffy hair, tiny fingers.newborn baby photography

  6. Little Sister

    Cute cuddles with big brothers on fluffy rug. This cheek pair were so proud of their little sister.

  7. Side Taco

    We needed a little settling help, So daddy is actually under the blanket !side taco

  8. Cheeky chops chin on hands pose.

    Amelia looked so cute in her Teddy hat during her baby photo session. Posed chin on wrists.newborn baby photography

  9. Side pose

    The side pose on the bean bag. All peaches and cream, styled up baby session with head band and matching wrap.newborn baby photography

  10. Lttle bed Prop

    Teal accents in the little bed prop. Baby head band, wool curls, wrapped, felted heart.newborn baby photography

  11. Gallery wall Design

    Gallery wall design is important way to help you choose your images. I create Mock ups for every newborn baby photography session.


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